Superhero or puppy?

It was my 16 weeks check up with the midwife today. Went with Paul (yeah, after two weeks ago, I don’t think he’ll be missing any more!)-although, he did threaten to go in just a shirt. Yep, no pants or shorts! Found this hysterically funny, which he was shocked at as according to him, I’ve been a bit dramatic and apparently lacking in any humour… Now, I’m dramatic at the best of times but I don’t think jokes about running off with Max and the baby are funny LAWSON!!! Despite this, he then teased me about the amount of time it would take us to get there (it was ten minutes around the corner from where we live), counting down each minute but to his credit, he did get us unstuck as there was a weird road that I hadn’t accounted for that had a different name to the one we were looking for. We had walked into the surgery for about 10 seconds before we were called in so no time to do a pee sample and poor Paul had the door shut in his face! I was given my orders to wee on command (I had just moments before gulped down a tea and juice before leaving) and could barely squeeze a drop out! Apparently the 10ml I caught in the plastic tube was enough to test though- PHEW!

First time meeting the midwife team who will be delivering Blob hopefully mid January- they seem so lovely! Really warm even if I was given a stern talking to about staying calm as it no longer just affected my heart rate but Blob’s too (blood pressure was fine). She also went through my bloods and urine samples saying that my iron level is brilliant (14.7 which is bang in the middle where it should be), I came back as being resistant to Rubella, I have no syphilis, HIV or other STDs. I’m still O+, a normal thing in relation to sickle cell (there was a lot of information! I don’t remember it all!), blood sugars were well within the completely normal range and pee was all fine. No more protein traces which is fab. She then asked about my anomaly scan and when that would be but the QE hadn’t booked me in for one – probably as they thought I’d be continuing at Tommies but that’s all sorted now and hopefully, the next time we see Blob will be on the 27th of August! Paul wants to find out the sex- all I want to know is if Blob is ok!

The midwife then said that she wanted to have a listen to Blob’s heart and I guess my face must have looked aghast, as she did the usual spiel about how it was still early days and not hearing one would be perfectly normal and then stopped, looked at me and said, “You’re still going to worry aren’t you?!” 

I needn’t have worried. She examined me and found the top of my uterus was up, about an inch from my rib cage. She then found the heartbeat straight away. It sounded like Blob was having an EDM party in there… The heartbeat was so loud and clear! It also sounded like baby was tap dancing in time… Starting to become quite concerned that Blob is going to be a superhero with hyper activity as its super power! Am also quite worried that I may be having a puppy, similar to what Max was like…!

I was also able to tell the midwife that I have felt Blob’s movements a lot- that its been doing full somersaults that I’ve felt even when walking about. First one was last Monday- thought it was a weird gassy bubble to begin with but it wasn’t my body doing it- it was so weird! There was something else moving inside of me! The other day, Blob did a massive flip flop in the middle of Eltham (for the Americans- pronunciation is: El’tum. Yeah, I know.) whilst I was on the phone to Paul and it made me yelp in surprise! It’s doing that more and more on a daily basis, usually late afternoon to early evening. 

Whilst I still haven’t had anyone guess I was pregnant from my shape, I feel like things are changing quite rapidly. My tummy is rounding up and hardening- you can feel where my uterus is quite easily. Paul feels like there’s a big change too. I can’t suck it in anymore either… After years of posing in front of the mirror sticking my belly out, its weird to see what a different shape it is and where it sits, as against a fat belly. I feel like my belly is becoming quite pointy and slightly larger on the left-hand side but that’s probably only something I can see!

Yesterday, I sent off for some wool to knit a baby blanket. That’s the first thing I’ve bought for Blob. Just making one with simple stripes in primary colours. Felt a bit scary but it’s time, Simba. Time to start believing that maybe this time next year we’ll have a baby.